Non-Profit Organization

Associations and Foundations

Creation, accounting, legal and tax management, partial asset contribution, merger, dissolution, so many issues of which we have particular expertise.

Because an association or foundation are not organizations like the others, we have developed a specific offer.

Whether in the field:

  • social integration through the economy,
  • health,
  • Sport,
  • leisure,
  • of the culture,
  • social action,
  • humanitarian aid,
  • housing;
  • training,

We are able to provide you with our experience and ongoing training in this field.

Our offer is structured around the following missions:

  • assistance and assistance in the preparation of budgets and grant applications;
  • establishment of a suitable accounting system and cost accounting;
  • diagnosis of difficulties and proposals for appropriate solutions;
  • innovative contract management solutions
  • advice in connection with the recruitment of permanent or contract staff assisted;
  • development of your pay slips and social and tax declarations accordingly;
  • assistance in the preparation of financial reports to funders and your deliberative bodies;
  • assistance in the event of supervision of funders, in particular within the framework of European funding;
  • assistance and assistance in the monitoring of the use of public funds,
  • permanent assistance to managers.

Company committee

Because it is regulated by the Labor Code, our mission at this level takes on a particular dimension.

Your Issues

  • understand the impact of the company’s economic and financial situation on employment;
  • clearly identify the contours of the strategy implemented by management;

Our added value

On the basis of our end-of-mission report, allow elected officials of the EC:

  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of management’s strategy;
  • to measure the impact of this strategy on the employment situation;
  • identify possible scenarios and possible room for maneuver.

To do this, a designation before or during the first meeting of the year is highly desirable.

The cost of this mission is borne by the company l (articles L 2325-40 R 2325-7Code du Travail)