bannière redressement judiciaire

Liquidation and insolvency 

This does not happen only to others…Although in good shape, a company may find itself facing a situation of insolvency for various reasons :

Yours Issues

  • Anticipate the insolvency situation
  • Ensure a good business conduct
  • Prepare a continuity plan

Ours services

Thanks to our expertise in this sector, we are able to offer you an integrated service suitable according to the situation.

Before starting any procedure:

  • Establish a difficulty diagnosis of the company and analyze its costs
  • Assessment of the legal proceeding to be implemented (Safeguard or judicial settlement)
  • Preparation and assistance in successfully managing this situation

After the opening of the judicial settlement procedure:

  • Assistance during the observation period
  • Analysis of receivables produced and participation in dispute resolution meetings
  • Establishment of intermediate accounts figures
  • Segmentation of assets (strategic or not)
  • Preparation of a crisis exit-plan (continuity plan)