Corporate Law

Creating a business is an exciting adventure. But this can be long and tedious.

1 – Business Creation

Your Issues

  • assess whether your project as a whole is financially viable;
  • define an effective economic model;
  • choose the legal structure and optimal fiscal regime;
  • carry out the administrative procedures quickly and in good conditions.

Our services

It is an integrated offer which consists of:

  • identify the assets of your project and highlight them;
  • put in place a business plan accordingly;
  • assist you in choosing the appropriate legal structure and tax and social regime;
  • assist you in raising funds (subsidies, bank loans)
  • assist you if necessary in the search for financial or operating partners;
  • effectively carry out all preliminary steps.

2 – Corporate Law

Innovative solutions in a changing environment!

It is an integrated offer in the field of corporate, commercial and business law.

Your Issues

Make the right legal choices at all stages of your company’s life.

Our solutions

As part of its recurrent missions, our firm can accompany you during the following operations:

  • Constitution of all types of companies;
  • Assistance in general meetings;
  • Transfers of securities;
  • Balance sheet transactions (increases, reductions in capital);
  • Restructuring of companies (mergers, acquisitions, partial contributions of assets, splits);
  • Insolvency and liquidation