Corporate Finance

We provide a comprehensive range of corporate services such as:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Disposals Management buy-outs/ins
  • Fundraising
  • Valuation
  • Transaction services, including tax due diligence and post integration planning and implementation

For a successful Merger and Acquisition

Your issues

  • ensure the reliability of target information
  • ensure possible synergies with it
  • build a coherent offer
  • to finance in an optimal way your acquisition

Our added value

provide you with a global help to the strategy enabling you to:

  • assist you in the search for targets;
  • help you assess historical performance and identify possible synergies;
  • help you identify creative value-added levers;
  • reflect together on methods of harmonizing corporate cultures;
  • identify risks through a thorough prior audit of the target;
  • evaluate the target;
  • develop a complete recovery file;
  • assist you in the legal, fiscal and financial optimization of the operation;
  • assist you in leverage arrangements (LBO, MBO …)


Do not isolate yourself, let us assist you

Your issues

  • be accompanied throughout the operation
  • find a buyer
  • assess the limits of the guarantees to be given (guarantees of liabilities and assets)
  • assess the risks of subsequent litigation
  • optimize the sale price

Our services

  • accompany you during the assignment process;
  • build with you an efficient presentation file;
  • help you find a buyer;
  • optimize your sale price;
  • optimize the tax cost of the operation;
  • direct you to our partners’ lawyers for the drafting of the contract of assignment.
  • help you with fundraising