From the integrity of your accounting to its supervision, we assist you at every stage of the process of preparing your annual accounts.

We bring you our expertise on several levels:

  • set up or adapt your accounting system to your business;
  • make your internal control procedures efficient;
  • develop with you dashboards adapted to your activity;
  • periodically analyze your overall or analytical results;
  • calculate your costs;
  • prepare your annual and projected accounts;
  • Prepare your cash flow forecasts
  • ensure group reporting;
  • ensure relations with administrations.

Do not undergo your growth, accompany it!

We adapt our interventions to your internal or external growth objectives.
Our advisory activities at this level revolve around the following points:

  • analyze your customer risk and set an optimal work in progress;
  • accelerate your customer receipts;
  • develop with you a methodology for collecting your receivables;
  • adapt your working capital requirements (BFR) to your growth objectives;
  • optimize your cash management by reducing your working capital requirement;
  • optimize your structure costs