Step 4 : Data Recovery

The process of resuming the consolidation in the proposed tool proceeds as follows :

  • Codification of entities, currencies and tax rates
  • Setting up the correspondence tables (group account plans / standard software account plan)
  • Import of General Scales N-1
  • Import of general balances N
  • Entry of cash flows on items of fixed assets, depreciation, long-term financial or other liabilities, regulated provisions, other provisions
  • Entry of tax results and tax bases on temporary differences (to produce social tax proof)
  • Entry of items relating to financial leases, margins on inventories, retirement commitments, investment subsidies, etc.
  • Timing
  • Import and / or entry of inter-balance sheet balances (N-1 and N) and result
  • The verification related to published accounts, understanding variances, possible arbitrations, etc.

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